Tuesday, 18 March 2014

General Conventions Work

This has a good amount of detail and you have explained your self well throughout, well done.


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Lifestyle Magazine Questions

What 2 Conventions have I used and why ?

I have used a model on my front cover, I have done this because all of the examples magazines I have looked at had a model on the front of the magazine, I have used it because it inspires young readers to become and grow up to be that celebrity. My example of a model is Selena Gomez this will inspire young readers to grow up to be like Selena Gomez. I have also used a bold and modern font this will ensure that the young audience intended for my magazine can read clearly and relate to the text used. It is bright red which could be suggested as a female colour this is why I have used it on my magazine, however red can be associated with the colour red so it says that anyone can read my magazine.

What are the effects of my layout, Typography, colour choice and language choice?

The effects of my layout are that it is clear and neat however can also be related to teenagers so I have laid it out not to look too formal. I have used a symmetrical design to accomplish this. The choice of typography is so that I can relate to teenagers so bold and big fonts used are to give the effect that they can relate to the magazine. The language choice that I have used is modern and teenage like so I have kept my cover lines short and snappy so a customer can walk past and read it quickly. The language also includes some form of direct address giving the effect that the readers can relate to the magazine.

What issues of representation have I presented ?

I have presented the issue that girls are related to bright and light colours by using a darker and more unisex type of colour. I have also presented the issue that girls have to wear minimal / no clothes to look good by using a nice picture of Selena Gomez wearing normal clothes.


This is a really good start, with some sound analysis. (Only 1 convention mentioned in the 1st question)

Really you need to include specific detail from the text (your magazine) in order to progress. You must be specific in your answers and these answers must explain the effects on the audience. 

You should talk about any issues that there are with the representation you have presented. Are all women/men like that? Do all teenage girls relate to those stories?