Thursday, 24 October 2013

Photoshop Skill 2

How to apply a liquify effect to your work

First you have to find the image that you want to apply the effect to ( this effect looks better on a 3d image ). You can import you image by going to file, place and then find your image.

Next you have to make sure the layer is editable, you can do this by right clicking on your image in the layer bar and selecting rasterize layer.

Position the image where you want it on the page. Look up the top and go to filter and click on liquify.

You will see a blank canvas on your screen with your image. You will use a brush tool to click and drag on your image and this will smudge it almost. On the right of the canvas you will see a list of settings, that you can change to alter the strength of your brush.

Once you have applied the effects that you want, you then select okay and then you have applied the liquify tool.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Representation of girls in music videos

The common representation of a girl in a music video are that they are merely there to spice up the video and to keep the viewers watching. They are basically props for the male singer/band. They are normally there to dance around in sexy clothes or maybe even in no clothes what so ever to keep the audience attracted. Some recent music videos show this stereotype. For example Robin Thicke with blurred lines, where three girls are shown as slaves to the three male artists, they are wearing next to no clothes in one variation of the video, however in another, they are not wearing ANY clothes. The artists treat them as toys, they throw the girls around the studio, some may perceive this as prostitution.

 The girls in the videos provide pleasure to alot of male viewers, but to some this is becoming a big worry and that people are starting to dislike these sorts of video. The government in particular say that the videos have a very bad influence on young teens and teenagers in general. Their problem is they think that the videos will influence young male teens to treat girls and their girlfriend in this appalling way and the girls do not think this is wrong because this is all natural in "popular music videos". Some girls even go to the extent of acting like the girls in the video by wearing very revealing costumes. I agree with the critics 100% on this as a lot of studies show that they are correct and that it is very wrong for girls to be treated like this at a very young age.

The problem is spreading rapidly all over the media, for example in TV programmes, music videos, and magazines. The image of a typical girl is changing rapidly into a sex slave for all types of men, and now teenage girls do not care about it, some even aspire to be one of the girls in the videos.

In conclusion the image of a woman in a music video is wrong and should not be shown to everyone around the world, because the problem is already bad but if these crude videos internationalize then the problem will get greater.




What you have here is very good and you have responded well to the question, even posing your own questions. You have used examples solidly. 

T: Try to use more examples and key terminology (see VCOP Blog). Pick out all of the technical aspects (Mise-en-scene, editing, lyrics etc) and how they help you come to your conclusions.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Presentation Evalutation

 In my presentation I have included some detailed information about how the music artists acts in the video in this case the artist is Justin Bieber.

Whilst delivering my presentation I spoke confiedently and faced the crowd aswell.

Another good thing about my presentation is the images and annotations I included into my presentation, which made my presentation less dull and stood out more.

In my presentation I could have summarized the music video in general this would have given my presentation a bit more detail. I think that I needed to research the video more to be able to make a more in depth presentation.

Another thing that i could have improved on was allowing my partner Jake to be more involved in the presentation by speaking more. This would have relieved the pressure off of me, and given jake a chance to get a better mark.

Finally although I did include pictures to my presentation, I could have perhaps added more or even a video or sound file, this would have ensured that the audience were engaging in my presentation.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hip-Hop presents a negative image

I do believe that hip-hop represents a bad image on a real man, and that what is shown in hip-hop music videos is wrong and unacceptable, things like men wearing massive puffy coats, and huge gold jewelery. Another thing that i do not accept is when the men are always involved in crime and theft, sometimes you even see the artist robbing banks in the music video. Also the artists shown in the video are trying to show there dominance and authority by having alot of girls with virtually no clothes on, who are acting very sexually.

An example of this is the music video made by Justin Bieber, Boyfriend where he is shown with a lot of girls wearing very revealing things to try and impress him, and Justin is trying to act cool by ignoring them. He is also shown wearing very expensive jewelery and clothes, he is also standing around dancing to showoff to the girls. Justin is also hanging around extremely expensive vintage cars, and is acting very natural around them like he has them around him everyday. Another video that says that men are wimps for not acting like them is the video by 50 Cent  "candy shop". Where he is very aggressive about himself and his body language is appalling, he is flailing his arms all over the place.

In conclusion i agree with the statements because in 2 music videos by popular artists they both show the same thing, that you have to know alot of girls and you have to have nice expensive clothes and accessories, and in 50 Cents video you have to rob shops and commit crime in your everyday life, the videos clearly show the message that if you do not do these thing then you are a wimp.