Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Presentation Evalutation

 In my presentation I have included some detailed information about how the music artists acts in the video in this case the artist is Justin Bieber.

Whilst delivering my presentation I spoke confiedently and faced the crowd aswell.

Another good thing about my presentation is the images and annotations I included into my presentation, which made my presentation less dull and stood out more.

In my presentation I could have summarized the music video in general this would have given my presentation a bit more detail. I think that I needed to research the video more to be able to make a more in depth presentation.

Another thing that i could have improved on was allowing my partner Jake to be more involved in the presentation by speaking more. This would have relieved the pressure off of me, and given jake a chance to get a better mark.

Finally although I did include pictures to my presentation, I could have perhaps added more or even a video or sound file, this would have ensured that the audience were engaging in my presentation.

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  1. Good reflection, but no PPT. Please upload, and think a little more about how your EBI's would help develop your work.