Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hip-Hop presents a negative image

I do believe that hip-hop represents a bad image on a real man, and that what is shown in hip-hop music videos is wrong and unacceptable, things like men wearing massive puffy coats, and huge gold jewelery. Another thing that i do not accept is when the men are always involved in crime and theft, sometimes you even see the artist robbing banks in the music video. Also the artists shown in the video are trying to show there dominance and authority by having alot of girls with virtually no clothes on, who are acting very sexually.

An example of this is the music video made by Justin Bieber, Boyfriend where he is shown with a lot of girls wearing very revealing things to try and impress him, and Justin is trying to act cool by ignoring them. He is also shown wearing very expensive jewelery and clothes, he is also standing around dancing to showoff to the girls. Justin is also hanging around extremely expensive vintage cars, and is acting very natural around them like he has them around him everyday. Another video that says that men are wimps for not acting like them is the video by 50 Cent  "candy shop". Where he is very aggressive about himself and his body language is appalling, he is flailing his arms all over the place.

In conclusion i agree with the statements because in 2 music videos by popular artists they both show the same thing, that you have to know alot of girls and you have to have nice expensive clothes and accessories, and in 50 Cents video you have to rob shops and commit crime in your everyday life, the videos clearly show the message that if you do not do these thing then you are a wimp.

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  1. Good concise answer, well done. A few more examples would help even more though!