Thursday, 19 September 2013

Logo Evaluation

My TV programme is called the underground school, because it is set in downtown London by the tube stations, this means that the characters are violent and they all live in council flats. They have all had bad upbringings leading them to drugs and criminal offences  The students don't care about school or the teachers all they care about is meeting with their friends 
and taking drugs. The school connotes that the school do not provide good equipment for the students as the equipment that is shown in the middle of the logo are all broken and overused. This connotes that the school don't care about the school and the students and perhaps that the school are short of money.

First of all I used the shapes tool to designs my own tube station logo. Next of all I imported a grunge texture from Safari and applied it over my logo, which created the broken effect over the logo. I then used what i learnt online to apply a green colour correction. I added school in the background and chose the opacity to %50. I next added a black layer over my logo, i then changed the opacity to %80, i then used the eraser tool to reg out a faded hole in the middle of the logo revealing it. It also gives a radial gradient effect.

I think that i have designed a good logo in terms the school, the colour correction works well with the logo, the grunge textures within the background and on top of the logo works well with schools concept. I think that i could've added more school features to my logo. So overall i would give my self an 8 out of 10.

1 comment:

  1. LOGO: A2 - Best logo in the class, a real treat of design and photoshop skill. The only thing i would develop would be the smaller images making them bigger and part of the underground sign.
    T: Develop the inside of the underground sign to incorporate larger images.

    EVAL: C2 - A solid evaluation that offers a sound reflection on the task and the tools used, well done for being specific. However no mention of connotations.
    T: Analyse the connotations found in your logo.