Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Denotation & Connotation

1. Back In Black- ACDC

Denotation: It has a Black background.
Connotation: This could suggest that someone close to, or in the band may have passed away.

Denotation: The TItle of the album is very dark grey in colour and is faded into the background.
Connotation: The album is spooky, or dark.

2. Queen II- Queen

Denotiation: The title of the album us "Queen II".
Connotation: Queen may have released an album before this which was a success.

Denotation: The background is black, revealing the 4 members faces above everything else.
Connotation: The members thought that they were perhaps more famous than anyone else, so therefore wanted to appear bolder and brighter.

3. Bat Out Of Hell- Meatloaf

Denotation: The album is orange in colour, this may represent fire, and it is set in hell.
Connotation: This suggests that the artist is crazy and all over the place. It also connotes that the artists style of music is crazy, he most likely is a rock artist.

Denotation: The bat on the motorcycle is escaping from hell on a motorbike.
Connotation: Perhaps meatloaf has just recently got out of troubles and has escaped from his "hell"

4. Born In The USA- Bruce Springsteen

Denotation: The background is a picture of the American Flag
Connotation: This connotes that Bruce Springsteen is very patriotic about his country.

Denotation: He is facing away froamera on the album the cover 
Connotation: This could suggest that he doesn't like his appearance and is afraid to show anyone.

5. The Man Machine- Kraftwerk

Denotation: The Band are all doing the same motion.
Connotation: They Album could be about electronic music, because they are all in the same position acting like robots.

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  1. Good connotations brought out here Matt. In general you need much more detail for your connotations. Think about what it says about the artist.