Monday, 18 November 2013

Album Analysis

Lady Gaga - Born This Way 

On this album cover Lady Gaga has taken the shape of a motorbike, which is generally associated with a male type thing. This connotes that Lady Gaga want to be more masculine, or she could be challenging the stereotype of males being more in motorbikes. She is also dressed scruffy and looks like she has been roughed up. This suggests that she doesn't care about how she looks, and is confident. She isn't afraid of what people say.

 Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra 

This album cover shows 3 near naked girls laying down in seductive positions with their tongues out. This connotes that the artist Limp Bizkit is a voyeurist and likes looking at girls naked, the girl is oblivious to this and makes it look like she doesn't care that the man in staring at her. The 3 girls laying down naked connotes that they are only there to be looked at and enjoyed.


 Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA

This album cover shows Bruce in front of a red and white striped background, which is probably the american flag, and along with the title of the album "Born in the USA" suggests that Bruce Springsteen is very patriotic about america.

Justin Timberlake - 20/20 experience

In the album cover it suggests that he is very stylish and dapper and the gold coloured writing suggests that he is a class above everyone else and that he deserves gold. Justin can see into the future ( 20/20 ) experience and his clothing is almost like he is ready to receive an award. The facial expression of Justin suggests that he is use to success and big events.

Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty 

Jason Derulo is placing a girls hand on his abs. This suggests that Jason Derulo likes girls touching him and wants the girls to do what he says. The fact that Jason is showing his abs suggests that he is confident and likes the way that he looks. The album cover also says 2 chainz very small in the middle right of the cover and he has chosen a red colour for it so that it doesnt stand out as much. This connotes that Jason wants all of the fame and wants everyone to think that 2 chainz has a lesser part in the song.

Imagine Dragons - Continued Silence

Imagine Dragons shows a man floating up in the air holding a briefcase ,there is also alot of fog in the atmosphere. This looks like it is imitating a dream, the briefcase may be holding drugs which makes the atmosphere look like they are on drugs. The title continued silence suggests that the man is high and is oblivious to people shouting at him. The album overall makes the scene look like a dreamland.

Miley Cyrus - Bangerz

In this album cover Miley Cyrusis looking at the camera directly, she is also looking sorry for her self like she is helpless and needs your help. This suggests that Miley wants you to help her because she is looking directly at the camera. She is wearing a very short dress. This suggests that she wants you to see her in a different way, more sexually. The Bangerz title in the background is very bright and luminescent. This suggests that she wants you to see the title of the album, and bangerz is another word for breasts.

Device - Device

This album cover is really weird, it looks like the figure on the album is under control and possesed. This suggests that the artist wants to possess you and control you when you are listening to their music, the music may make you want to do something. The album shows the figure in some sort of pain, this suggests that the artist likes putting people through pain. The album is in black and white, these are very negative colours to use, this suggests that the music that is being performed is dark and heavy. finally the 'v' in device is red, this could suggest blood.

Tyler the creator - Wolf

In this album cover Tyler the creator is looking up into the sky like he is daydreaming and thinking of what he could have been, this is shown when the image of another man is looking down smiling at Tyler. The background of the album is light blue which could suggest that it is supposed to be the sky.

Michael Buble - To be loved

In this album cover Michael Buble has chosen an orange background so that he can stand out more and that everyone is focused on him. He is putting on a tie and smartening him self up, this could suggest that he is about to go to a big event, and that he likes to look his best. The fact that he is looking away from the cameras suggests that his mind is focused on a more important thing. Michael Buble has mad his name on the cover black so that it stands out more and so everyone can see who he is.

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