Monday, 6 January 2014

Lifestyle Magazine Cover Analysis

Lifestyle Magazine

The magazine shows Halle Berry looking into the camera intimidatingly, this makes it seem like she wants you to do something, and by the clothes she is wearing it looks like she wants you to look like her. The photographer has chosen a white background so the she stands out and the everyone is focused on her. The quotes in the background say " Lose weight, get fitter, and have more sex ", this comment is direct address because it is telling you to do it.

The magazine is for inspirational purposes because it is giving you many tips on how to look perfect, and they have put an example of what they think is perfect on the front cover. The target audience is for women who want to be perfect and look perfect. This is also for people who want to stay in touch with the gossip.

The magazine shows a female looking directly at the camera, she is also smiling, this could suggest that she is happy with herself and her appearance, so the fact that she is looking directly at the camera that could suggest that she wants you to be like her. The comment " I dont want to be the fat funny one anymore ", this comment suggests that it is wrong to be fat and overweight, and that the model on the front cover is a perfect example of perfect. This magazine is inspirational because, the main quote on it is "Kim helped me lose 20 lbs in four weeks". The magazine also helps Kim look like a better person to help her fame.

The bold bright font used on the magazine is there to be seen so that everyone can see it. This magazine is targeted at women who want fashion tips, and to be in the perfect shape. The magazine is also targeted at women who want to read up on the latest gossip.

The mens health magazine shows a man holding onto a naked women, this suggests that if you get strong and ripped like the man, then you will definitely get good looking girls. The quote " One month to a body she cant resist " suggests that in one month girls will be attracted you and cannot resist getting with you. This magazine is used for inspirational purposes because it is saying if you become ripped and fit then you will get the girls.

This magazine is targeted for men who want fitness tips and workout ideas, their objective is to become in the best shape they can and get ripped so they can get more girls. The layout of the magazine is like all of the other lifestyle magazines where the main focus point (the models) are in the middle so that everyone sees them.

The Cosmopolitan magazine shows Megan Fox looking directly at the camera, this suggests that she wants you directly to read the magazine. The pink background color makes it look like a magazine for females, also the quotes on the magazine suggest it would be more appealing for a female, " The sexy ass workout ", " Bad girl sex ". The magazine is meant to be inspiring by giving you tips to stay fit and improve your appearance. The language used is very informal and straight to the point so that the customer can look at the facts when the magazine is still on the shelf. The layout of the magazine is familiar, with the attractive model/celebrity right in the middle so that everyone can see her, and the big quotes around her are the main stories. The target audience are women who want to be like models and improve their appearance.

In the front cover of this magazine the color is white and pink, which are female colors, this suggests that the target audience is for women. The model in the middle is shown wearing a wedding dress this suggests that the magazine is for weddings and to sell wedding equipment, the quotes on the cover also support this, " Spend £20 save £100 on your decor ". The layout of the magazine suggests that it is for women as the model in a wedding dress is directly in the middle, suggesting that she is trying to sell it to you.

The language used is informal, it also directly addresses the
audience by saying "Hello pretty" this is direct address because the magazine is trying to get your attention by talking to you. Another example of direct address is "Would you wear it ? ", this is direct address because it is asking you a question.

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