Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Balance in design

Balance in design

Symmetrical (Formal) -  This magazine is symmetrical because the text on either side is in the same position. The "Toni Braxton " is also perfectly in the middle. The Model is directly in the middle as well. The two sides of text are being reflected perfectly on either side. The two columns on ether side bring your attention to them because they are so perfectly positioned.

Asymmetrical (Informal) - This magazine is Asymmetrical and unbalanced because there is only one side of text on the right which pulls your attention towards it, the other side is very plain, this suggests that the text on the right side is very important. The colors are also very unbalanced, the purple and yellow makes it look very un-neat.

Asymmetrical by shape - This magazine is Asymmetrical by shape because the woman is stretched across the screens and there is no real symmetry to it.

Asymmetrical by position - this is asymmetrical by position because Mitt Romney is placed on the right of the magazine, it doesnt look very neat, and it makes it look like it is taking the micky.

Asymmetrical by texture. This is asymmetrical by texture because Robert Pattinsons face is very detailed and you can see every detail in his face. Compared to the blurred white background his face stands out.

Asymmetrical balance by Eye Direction - This is asymmetrical by eye direction because she is facing away from the camera and not paying any attention to the reader.

Radial Balance - This is radial balance because there is one focal point in the middle, and the stories are radiating around her.


Really good piece of work with the right amount of detail and analysis. Well Done.

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