Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Colour Connotation


  The background is a vibrant and friendly blue, which is an alluring colour it suggests that the editor is trying to draw in customers. Also it could suggest that because blue is usually associated with males the editor is trying to challenge the stereotype. The young and vibrant  colour suggests that it is for a younger female who is looking for the best tips on weight loss. The White colour of the title suggests that it is a friendly and simple magazine.

The plain white background suggests that the magazine is a plain and simple straight to the point magazine. The magazine is obviously targeted for men as the title shows, but the red colour of it which generally represents heat and anger could suggest that there are hard-core workouts within the magazine. It also suggests that you are going to work hard to achieve what you want. The text either side are in very vibrant colours which suggests that they are very important and should be read, they have also been highlighted in a very bright yellow which suggests further that the cover lines are important. The bold and vibrant colours suggest that the magazine is aimed at a young male looking for workout tips.

The Background colour of a Dark pink suggests that the magazine is for women, but the pink is not at all vibrant and too bold so this could also suggest that it is targeted for an older woman. The Colours of the font either side of the female are yellow which suggests a vibrant and happy mood, saying that the cover line is interesting and important.



Really good piece of work with the right amount of detail and analysis. Well Done.                                              

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